Born in Istanbul / Turkey , to both Kurdish parents, Hakan Celebi better known by he's stage name (Deamer or Deamz) came to England/ UK in 1995 with he's family. Growing up and being raised in South London, he  first started watching freestyle rap battles (klashing)  which he would see in he's home area,  which inspired him and would later take part in. Having rap battles with people from he's area and gradually other places in London,  he met Jay Picasso from he's local area in 2013 , who happened to have a music studio. It is then he started starting writing songs and recording, and has been a independent recording artist since 2014. 


He released he's first independent mixtape Southside Of The Bridge in 2014 on Link Up TV and DatPiff, which contained 10 tracks and 2 skits. This brought him huge attention in the UK music game.

He released he's second  independent mixtape Southside Of The Bridge 2 in 2016, which featured he's big feature with Ard Adz and Shallow from Brixton. Again released on Link Up TV and DatPiff, he's second mixtape also got thousands of plays and downloads and was highly successful.

He's new mixtape, Reimbuse Me is out now! He has gone for a change and released this project on Mixtape Madness and DatPiff.